How To Treat A Sinus Infection

Everyone who has ever had a cold or suffered from allergies will go through the torture and annoyance of having their sinuses congested. When these conditions are not treated properly the sinuses will become infected and the problems they had will become much worse.

A sinus infection is something that most people are able to avoid – but there are some that will have it every year no matter how hard they try. The common symptoms of this infection include; fatigue, facial heaviness, low grade fever, headache, and congestion in the ear.

The sinuses are a balloon like structure that are in the head and will become blocked with mucus, dander, or other foreign substances. One of the best ways that you are able to avoid an infection is to gently blow your nose on a regular basis and then to wash your hands. This helps to remove all of the mucus and to keep it from coming back.

If this is not enough to treat them then the best thing you can do is to irrigate the sinuses. There are some doctors that will prescribe you with special liquid that will help to dry the nose out. You must be careful with these because when used too much they will irritate your nose and cause it to bleed because it is too dry. To save money you can always make your own saline using water and a pinch of salt.

Another great way to help you treat the sinus infection is to use prescribed antihistamines or a decongestant. These are designed to open the sinus passages and to help the mucus to drain from them. Any nasal sprays that you purchase can only be used for three days. Anymore and your sinuses will become addicted to them and you will have no choice but to use them all the time.

Heat is a great treatment that will help to relieve the pressure and pain caused by the infection. Place a warm, moist towel over your face or take a hot shower. The steam will enter your nose and help to clear the passages.

You should always be drinking a lot of clear fluid when you are sick. This helps to dilute all of the mucus and remove it. Drink water, sports drinks, or other types of clear drinks. Do not drink any milk, cream, or other dairy products as this will increase the mucus.