Relieve Allergies With Sinus Irrigation

Allergies is something that many of us have to deal with. Over half of the population will have a congested nose during one of the four seasons. This is caused by the allergens – which are being released and carried through the air. One of the most common symptoms is a congested nose.

The pressure will build up and if not treated right away will increase to the sinuses. The best way to relieve this pressure is to simply blow your nose. This is easy enough to do – but unfortunately it does not work with everybody. When this is the case you will need a type of sinus irrigation or saline to treat it.

This medicine is made up of a special liquid solution that will clean out the sinus cavities from any allergens, mucus, or other substances that is irritating it. Every time you clean them you will immediately begin to feel the pressure subsiding. These medicines can be prescribed to you by your doctor or you can purchase it over the counter at any pharmacy.

Before you begin to use it make sure that you have washed your hands with warm water and antibacterial soap. Once the substances are removed you do not want to get any bacteria near the sinuses where it can make the problem worse.

There are many types of sinus irrigation system that you will be able to use. Some will come pre-made and others will require you to make it yourself. Follow the directions carefully and prepare the solution exactly how it tells you to.

You can irrigate your sinuses either in the shower or over the sink. Many people will choose the shower because of how messy it can be. Lean forward and place the tip of the bottle into one nostril. Gently squeeze the bottle and let half the solution flow into the nostril and out the other.

When half the bottle is used you will stop and gently blow your nose using a tissue. This will release anything that needs to be removed. Make sure not to squeeze the nostrils closed when you blow your nose. Now repeat these steps with the other nostrils and use the remaining solution.