Sinus Irrigation System

Every year hundreds of people will come down with the common cold or will suffer from allergies. These conditions will cause the person to feel tired, run a fever, and have a congested nose. Many of these people will be able to easily treat it by sleeping and eating chicken soup.

Unfortunately not all of us are that lucky. There are a great many people who will suffer from this condition in such a great way that it will cause pneumonia, bronchitis, and a sinus infection. The sinus infection is the most common of these and will occur when mucus, allergens, and other foreign substances have build up in the sinus passages.

This immense buildup will cause a great amount of pressure that will cause fatigue, nausea, and headaches behind the eyes and nose. There are many home remedies that we are able to use which will help to relieve this pressure – but one of the best ways to treat it is to use a sinus irrigation system

These irrigation systems are effective and for many people will work much better then the saline solution that you have to spend $5 to $10 to purchase at the pharmacy. This system has a hypoallergenic design, variable pressure control, calibrated pulse rate, soft nasal tips, and accurate measurement.

If you are someone who only gets a sinus infection every once in awhile then this is not something you will need. This is more convenient to use when you are prone to these infections and need something that you can carry with you easily and use effectively.

It works quietly so as not to attract attention and the pulsation rate will match the normal rate of the nasal cilia when it is healthy. This is one of the best features and will help you to heal faster. These systems will cost between $50 to $100 and may be covered under your insurance.